How to use two WhatsApp account on an Android phone

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The world is getting very smarter with the advent of technology. Mobile phone is increasing day by day to large numbers. People are getting more involved in technology and they just love it. Mobile technology had brought revolution to the gadget world. New smart phones have been launched every day in the gadget world. The most dominant platforms ruling the smart phone market is Android. This had opened up the scope for developers and had helped them out in finding more job opportunities. Developers and other companies are bringing new applications to the smart phone market.

You can now find different applications available for each and every thing. These applications can help you out in improving your experience while using the smart phone. There are numerous apps that had been launched in different genres for different purposes. There are apps for chatting, tracking your fitness, financial management, and for just everything. The chatting and messaging applications had forced the network companies to cut down the fee as most of these applications are free and people can communicate with each other for long without spending a penny.

WhatsApp- The Coolest Messaging App

Whatsapp is one of the coolest messaging applications that had now been purchased by one of the largest social networks Facebook in about 18 million dollars. It is a free application that can be used by the users to send free chats, share voices, and share media too free of cost. You can use WhatsApp on your Android Smartphone easily without any trouble. But, the trouble arises when a user wishes to use Whatsapp from different numbers from dual SIM Smartphone. You might be thinking that whether it is possible or not? Yes! It is possible. Here is the guide that will guide you to use two WhatsApp account from an Android Smart Phone.

How to Use Two WhatsApp Account on Android Smartphone

There is an efficient solution to use two WhatsApp accounts on a dual SIM Android Smart phone. This can be done without switching between the two accounts. The best thing is that, this process of using two Whatsapp account on your Android smart phone do not require any rooting to be done on your smart phone. Follow the below mentioned steps to use two WhatsApp accounts on your smart phone.

  • You should have two SIM cards that must be working, so that you can activate two WhatsApp accounts on your Android smart phone. This is the foremost requirement to use two WhatsApp accounts on your Android device.
  • Open the original WhatsApp account that had been downloaded previously on your smart phone. Tap ‘Options’ and then move to ‘Settings’. Now, you should proceed forward to the ‘Chat Settings’ and then to ‘Back up Conversation’. You can use this back up tab for saving all the data with the contacts stored on it.
  • After you have backed up all the data, access ‘Settings’ and then clear all the memory
  • Go to your SD card where you have to rename Whatsapp folder with the name ‘OGWhatsApp’.
  • Now, once you have completed the above step, you have uninstall original WhatsApp from your smart phone.
  • Now, you should download OGWhatsApp for your Android smart phone and then install it your smart phone. You should activate this OGWhatsapp with your previous phone number that was used as original Whatsapp number by you previously.
  • WhatsApp account will get activated once you have punched in the number. You could easily see all the conversations that were present on your previous Whatsapp file that was uninstalled.
  • Now, if you are in the mood to run two whatsapp from same mobile phone, download another Whatsapp from Google Play Store on your smart phone.
  • Activate this Whatsapp using another number after you have installed.
  • Now enjoy using two Whatsapp on your android smart phone.

Final Words

So, above were few of the best steps to run two Whatsapp accounts on android smart phone. So, if you have two numbers, you can run two Whatsapp accounts on your smart phone easily. Enjoy all the benefits, exchange audios, messages, and much more from both of your whatsapp account.