Top 4 ways to Improve you PC sound experience

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All Music is Innovation

Well said by Mr.Strayhorn,but will you be able to hear the the innovation in right amount?.I am sure you won’t because most of the Entertainment segment ,buiness Laptops and Personal Computers comes with ordinary speakers which doesn’t have à la carte audio output .And this may be happening to you.

In this article am going to tell you some ways to enhance you Audio listening experience both on Laptop and Personal Computers(PC).
Let’s start with the Audio/Video players which have really catched my eye.


The name may give you feel of something not so great,but its simply awesome. You would be driven off by its super-fast operation. This is the player which I switched to after getting fade-up of Window’s bugged default Media Player which shows several inability while playing sound and most annoying is its launching time.
It comes with codec’s ranging from Ogg Vorbis to Mp4,so you don’t have to look around for codec pack
And its operation is quite smooth and launces in blink of eye
There is no heavy learning curve or features but its simply stands unique with its simplicity.
Download from: HERE

2.XM player

Also known as K-Multimedia player is South-Korean origin freeware player is a well-packed with features.
With its dynamic themes and loads of addons/plugins ,I am sure you won’t leave this player anytime soon, the themes are simply amazing ranging from MOBILE analog type to CAR-building theme(my favorite), it’s simply piece of art .
Its simple, but don’t get deceived as it has full powerhouse of features which can keep you busy all day if look to play with it . The biggest plus point is its strong USERBASE and active official forums which will help you get out of your problems .
It’s portable and easy version is also available,named XMPLAY ,just you have to add themse to make it attractive !
Can be downloaded from: HERE
and its themes,and other addons from HERE


3.Media Player CLASSIC

For all those who want a simplified and fast media player, then MPC is the way to go!.,which comes with WINDOWS MEDIA player VERSION 1 Default theme .

It even comes with KliteCodec –pack as MPC doesn’t have codecs with it.
Its is portable and can be played on USB too.

You would be thinking why have I not mentioned about the all time poplar VLC

Here is the reason:

VLC can increase the volume up to 400% , which harms the Laptop SAFE LIMIT speakers and also voids warranty cover on your Laptop, so I would suggest you to use external speakers and Headphones while using VLC on Laptop.

Now lets come to the interesting part of this Article due to which I conceptualized the whole article.
I found this amazing software some days ago, and it significantly improves your LOW GRADE LAPTOP speakers and Personal Computer(PC) speakers too.

It’s the DFX Audio Enhancer

What does it do?

It enhances your computer’s sound by tweaking sound frequcenies via SPECTRUM Analyzer which sounds pleasing to Human ears,not sure about animals LOL!.
The Good !
• Number of Presets for Different genre of Songs

• One Button Launch-Easy to Use

• STARTS with Windows MEDIA PLAYER and some other players

The Bad

* Not good for headphones
Not a Freeware in DFX plus features.

Download LINK: HERE

>Does this Harms my Speakers like VLC do ?

Ans>) No, just a bit of change in frequencies of sound output and TADA !

So what you waiting for Just go and Download it !