How To Send Auto Mated Chat Messages On Facebook

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Hello facebook fans, I noticed that Facebook tricks are just attracting everyone, so I decided to make this post.

Whats special in this post? 

In this post I will be showing you how to send auto mated facebook chat messages, Note the ” auto matically”. Now don’t think this is yet another spam application which will access your messages and type in some thing, its a nice one and a non-spammy one .

You will be needing a:

  • An android phone
  • Internet connection or wifi to connect to facebook
  • Facebook account
  • And finally the application ” Ebuddy”

What is ebuddy

You see, ebuddy is a chat application which you might have already installed. But you may have not noticed this trick.

Now I am using an android and I don’t know whether this feature is there on java or not.

How to activate this “Auto- Reply”

First of all download and install ebuddy app for android, its available for free in the android market or check the link above.

Now I don’t have my internet connections so here are the instructions from Ebuddy itself.

You can set up the time period when your status will set as “Away” if you don’t use an application for certain amount of time.

To set this setting, go to “Settings” –> “Set as Away” and choose a period you’d like. You can also choose “Off” to opt-out. 

If your “Set as Away” is on, you can modify a message that will appear if your buddy sends you a message while you are away. To do this, go to “Auto-reply” in “Settings” and adjust the message. 

So thank you for reading now you can avoid some stupid friends.

Note: When you are chatting in your computer then also this will be auto replying so when you are going to chat on your computer logout from ebuddy.