Most Popular Data Recovery Software To Recover Your Lost Data

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If you mistakenly.deleted important data files and folders from your computer. Do not worry about that, ofcourse there is a solution for getting back your deleted most important data. Many software engineers and software companies has made and developled different kind of data recovery software for recovering your lost data file and folders. In this article I have tried to discuss some features about top and most poplular data recovery software or tools that you can choose from them and decide which one will better perform for you.

1. Recuva data recovery software

I will give first priority and recommend to use this awesome data recovery tools. This software has been developed by the same developers(Piriform) who has created “CCleaner”. It has lot of features and so easy to use that anybody can understand it’s interface. If you do not find any files during the normal scanning just enable “Deep Scan”  option. Recuva only supports for windows and have free and premium version.

There are two different kinds of techniques to recover deleted data files working with this computer data recovery software. First one is file-recovery wizard and is definitely the ideal technique to recover the deleted data files. File-recovery wizard technique allows you to recover deleted data files and necessary documents which you know that you have lost the computer files but you don’t find out particular name of the computer file. You can get back all individuals computer files that you deleted anything at all from your hard drive but if you need to restore it then it only get back in chosen files like Recycle Bin and the second technique is manual technique in that you have to find out the name and destination of the data file that where it was previously mentioned the you can discover them very easily.

Visit : Recuva Official Websites

2. Pandora

Pandora Recovery is a different superb free data recovery software program. Pandora Recovery is a functionality strong application with lots of modification opportunities and more deeply scanning services capabilities. But It does not have as desirable control panel as Recuva. Its very easy to use and has the most effective wizard to help and advice you undelete data files that I have viewed in any data recovery software. Pandora involves a “Surface Scan” mode which is valuable for destroyed or reformatted partitioning or an infected data file allocation table.

Here are some of the features of this tool:

  • Capability to get back removed data files from NTFS and FAT-formatted databases
  • Overview deleted data of specific types (image and text files) without carrying out recovery
  • Surface scan ( which permits you to retrieve computer data from hard disks that have been formatted) and the capability to get back archived, covered, protected and compressed data files it delivers incredibly a punch.
  •  Its control panel is very fairly simple to obtain a hang up and gives an explorer-like look at along with colour coded & recovery percentage indicators.

With a free version for retrieving computer data from secondary hard drives, and a pay out edition you can set on an USB key to get back an operating system drive, Pandora Recovery has a multipurpose giving away that can get back again most computer data with out issues. The installation file is 3.1 MB in over all size and Pandora data Recovery software is detailed as suitable with Windows .

Visit : Pandora HomePage

 3. Puran

Puran can easily retrieve data files from any storage devices like Hard Drive, Flash Drive, Memory Card and mobile phones. It works with different file systems like FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS. It is obtainable in approximately 10 different languages such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese etc. There are 3 most important recovery modes and area from the standard Rapidly Scan which easily reads the FAT or NTFS data file system for erased data from the recycle bin etc, More deeply Scan that also contains scanning services all available free space.

One individual factor to take note – Puran data Recovery software recognized even more data on my test machine than many other software so be assured to provide this one a result in addition to Recuva if it didnt discover what you were seeking for.

Puran data Recovery software performs with all Windows operating system. It also have both 32-bit and 64-bit portable versions of  Windows so it does not need installation.

Visit : Puran data Recovery

4. Wise Data Recovery

Wise is laptop or computer data recovery software that will help you in the data rescue of the computer data. This has appropriate features and benefits that are short, but all those are effective in the recovery time of your computer data. It’s scanning services quickness is super fast which helps you to save your lot of time as like various other software’s it also has features “Preview” section and you can quickly get your data files matching to their choices by choosing the file category. It also instructs the recoverability of the document. This data recovery software is popular for its simplistic user-friendly interface. Because there are no difficult functions like dialog boxes or menus. The software set up so quickly and scanned my PC in track record time. Wise data recovery can discover erased data files from local drives, USB drives, cameras, memory cards, removable media devices etc. It has both installer executable and portable version, the portable version is on the Download page and not the product page. Wise Data Recovery software is compatible with Windows.

Visit : WiseCare Data Recovery Tool

5. Easeus

One of the main causes to use Easeus Data Recovery software is its control panel is truly fantastic and attractive. When you lost or unfortunately deleted the necessary data files or document form your LAPTOP OR COMPUTER. This software will help you to get back the completely Erased data files from your PC Laptop computer. I have professionally applied their windows version individually for getting back computer files from NTFS drives. The achievement level has been superb so far, only lesser executable data gets affected in many situations. The one of the unfavorable aspect in a free version is that you may recover only 2GB data file. EaseUS also provide 30 days money back Guarantee. In case of any difficulty you can live chat with them and you can also seek advice from them before ordering. EaseUS Data recovery is really awesome to use and performing good for windows 10, 8, 7 pc user.

Visit : EaseUs Recovery Tool

6. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is the another strong computer data recovery software for windows user. This software is very comparable with the other common data recovery software and PhotoRec is also very easily managed by everybody. PhotoRec is a partner program to TestDisk, also associated in this Hive Five. Prefer TestDisk, this app is also devoid of a GUI, but likewise is actually effective at file data rescue. We are incorporating PhotoRec separately of TestDisk considering that many users clearly choose PhotoRec as a more secure option when deep drive recovery isnt required. It is very useful to apply and provides greatest outcomes. PhotoRec is short by its command-line interface and many stage data rescue procedure. On the other hand, my biggest trouble with PhotoRec is that its very hard to avoid getting back all erased data files at once. You can easily retrieve a few quantity-limited data and the limit is approximately to 200.


Especially built to get back data files from digital hard disk, camera memory ( Memory stick, secure digital, smartmedia, MMC, USB flash drive, compactFlash etc)

Works on DOS, Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8), Linux, Mac OS X, Sun OS

Download : PhotoRec/TestDisk

7. PC Inspector

PC Inspector data Recovery software is totally free and it’s not convenient to get back the data files applying these that little bit complicated. You have to hold out to retrieve the data file that you are erased. It can easily execute an in depth scan of 40 GB and requires even more than two(2) hours of time to finish the whole scan of the deleted file. You can also check out simply particular areas of the disk by working with the Cluster scanning if you understand the deleted data files are close to the starting up, central or last of the disk drive etc. This can handle all the data like FAT 1, 32 and 16. This also works with the NTFS data files.

Right here are some of the features and benefits of this recovery tool.
# Simple and easy query dialog to make it easier for finding data files by name

# Recoverable data files can easily be recovered in a local hard storage or network drives.
# Can get back picture and video clips of different types of data files in different formats such as ARJ, AVI, BMP, DOC, DXF, XLS, EXE, GIF, HLP, HTML, JPG, LZH, MID, MOV, MP3, PDF, PNG, RTF, TAR, TIF, WAV and ZIP.
# Can check up just particular elements of the disk with the Cluster scanning
#  Performs properly from Windows XP to Windows 10

Visit : PC Inspector

8. Mini tool partition recovery

This MiniTool Partition data recovery software is extremely beneficial in getting back the deleted data file. The capability of this data recovery software will be only just 1 GB. You can also update the software by having to pay few dollars after that you will be capable even more space of data to get back. The control panel is not only just fascinating but free of difficulties. Having said that, I do prefer the reality that the software detects removed data very fast and that you can easily retrieve data from each of those internal drives and USB devices.

Regular data recovery softwares like Recuva, Pandora etc. are the best for getting back a few removed data files, but what if when you have deleted an whole partition? After that you will quite possibly require a professional software like MiniTool Partition Recovery.

Below are some of the wonderful features and benefits of this recovery tool customized in partition recovery:
An easy to do wizard-based user interface
# Professional in data restorative healing on a whole partition
# Point MiniTool Partition data Recovery software at the difficult disk drive and it will certainly check out for the missing out on partition.
# Creates a retrieval statement which will let you know what the application has identified to help and advice you in data file restoration
# Cannot make use of data restoration on a bootable compact disk here.

Visit : MiniTool partition recovery

9. FreeUndelete

It is a data recovery software that is user friendly and easy to manage. It does not have too multiple functions but it does its work perfectly. You can scan it on extrenal disks as well. The important benefit of FreeUndelete is its simplistic to handle control panel and folder drill down features. There is help and support for NTFS 1, NTFS 2, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems.

Visit : FreeUndelete

10. Undelete 360 data recovery software

Undelete 360 is totally free and greatest data recovery software to work with. You can get back unlimited data applying this data recovery software. . The wonderful factor about this is that you can even retrieve data file from a digital camera or an USB. Yes, you can preview your data files before regaining them. There are no limitations on the quantity or over all size of the data you can get back, although, and normally the software is very simple and easy to use, point it at a disk drive, it will scan for erased data files, then you can watch individual file types (JPGs, PDFs, videos and more) by selecting them from a tree.

Visit : Undelete 360