How to Optimize Your Website Landing Page Design ?

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How to Optimize Your Website Landing Page Design ? The landing page design is the most essential aspect of successful internet marketing. The term “landing page” refers to the page that the visitors to a website land on when they click on an internet advertisement about it.

A landing page with a proper design can make a substantial difference to your marketing campaign. This page is used to make sales, get leads, give relevant information and is also important for affiliate marketing and direct visitors to a website.

Optimizing the design of the Landing Page – Some Essential Tips

When you create a landing page, your aim is to attract visitors and direct them to a course of action that you want them to take.

Here are some important tips that will help you optimize the landing page designs of your website.

1. Do not integrate too may links into your landing page that can confuse you visitors and make them go away to another website rather than taking your desired course of action.

2. The page should provide visitors with valuable information, useful advice, a review, download links of a great product, bonuses or something that can be attractive to visitors. Do not fill your landing page with excessive promotional information and in-your-face ads about your product or service.

3. The landing page should load very fast and look the same across all browsers and platforms. This can be difficult for you to create if you have little knowledge in HTML or other technical jargons. You should hire a professional in such case, to give a perfect professional appearance to your page.

4. Fill your landing page only with information and links that are relevant to your website, products or service. Make sure that everything you put in is relevant to your site and not treated as spam by search engines. Unrelated information can also be confusing for visitors and make them wonder whether they have come to the right website.

5. Avoid a landing page with rich flash designs. Flash-heavy landing pages look great on the surface. However, too much flash animation can increase load time and a lot of time can make visitors go away to an altogether different website.

6. If you wish to give some important links, you should incorporate only the most relevant links into the landing page. Your visitor would not be confused and can check out the most essential parts of your website without encountering any hassles. A landing page with a good navigational style can also be good for SEO purposes as this page will also be indexed by the search engines.

7. The appearance of your landing page should also match the look of the rest of your website. Ensure that at least your home page has a similar design to let visitors feel at ease and not be confused with the impression that they have been redirected to a spam site. Any confusion and doubts on the part of the visitors can make them move away. You will also have a high ‘bounce rate’ which can have a negative impact on your website.