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{Happy} Good Friday Quotes Wishes Messages Images Wallpapers Greetings 2017. Good Friday is the religious festival and it is mainly observed to celebrate in Christian community to honor the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death. Good Friday is known as also Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday,  or Easter Friday though the last term properly refers to the Friday in Easter week. This Good Friday festival is often matched with the Jewish occasion of Passover.

Happy Good Friday 2017

Here we are going to provide some good friday quotes, good friday wishes, good friday messages, good friday images, good friday wallpapers, good friday photos, good friday greetings which you can share and wish your friends and family or everyone.

Happy Good Friday Quotes

  • Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.
  • The Friday before Easter is the most solemn day for Christians – it is the day Jesus Christ died on the cross. Good Friday to all of you.
  • In his last supper, Jesus gave his body and blood for us! Let us remember this beautify act of the Lord on this Good Friday.

Happy Good Friday Quotes

  • Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.
  • The Cross was the manifestation of Divine love without reserve or limit; but it was also the expression of man’s unutterable malignity.
  • By the cross we, too, are crucified with Christ; but alive in Christ. We are no more rebels, but servants; no more servants, but sons!

Happy Good Friday Wishes

Praying that the Lord fills
your Heart with Peace …
Holds you in His Love and
Blesses you with His Grace…
On this Holy Day and Always
When you face problems in life,
Don’t ask GOD to take them away.
Ask Him to show His purpose,
Ask ways how to live a day searching his purpose for you.

May the blessings
Of the Lord
Shine upon you
On this Holy Day
& may he always
Keep you in his loving care!

Happy Good Friday Wishes


On the Holy day…
May His light guide your path…
May his love grace your heart…
And may His scarifice strengthen
Your Soul ! Thinking of you on Good Friday.

Sometimes I want God 2 be so
comfortable in my heart that He
could sit back in a lounge chair,
when all the while
He is looking for a throne.

May the glory of our Savior
Strengthen u
And May His Graces
Shine Upon u
On Good Friday & always!

Happy Good Friday Messages

  • Exalt the Cross! God has hung the destiny of the race upon it. Other things we may do in the realm of ethics, and on the lines of philanthropic reforms; but our main duty converges into setting that one glorious beacon of salvation, Calvary’s Cross, before the gaze of every immortal soul.
  • So shall we join the disciples of our Lord, keeping faith in Him in spite of the crucifixion, and making ready, by our loyalty to Him in the days of His darkness, for the time when we shall enter into His triumph in the days of His light.
  • What is good about Good Friday? Why isn’t it called Bad Friday? Because out of the appallingly bad came what was inexpressibly good. And the good trumps the bad, because though the bad was temporary, the good is eternal.

Happy Good Friday Messages

  • Good Friday is a day of sorrow mingled with joy. It is a time to grieve over the sin of man and to meditate and rejoice upon God’s love in giving His only Son for the redemption of sin.
  • We may say that on the first Good Friday afternoon was completed that great act by which light
    conquered darkness and goodness conquered sin. That is the wonder of our Saviour’s crucifixion.
  • The cross was two pieces of dead wood; and a helpless, unresisting Man was nailed to it; yet it was mightier than the world, and triumphed, and will ever triumph over it.

Happy Good Friday Images









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Happy Good Friday Greetings


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Happy Good Friday Wallpapers

Happy Good Friday Wallpapers

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