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Best Antivirus App for iPhone and iPad : Having an awesome smartphone like an iPhone or a tablet like iPad is surely a great thing. but protecting all your data stored in your device is very important like number one priority. Antivirus software must  have been the first app that you must have thought about installing on your device. antivirus software is most needed application which is able to protect your data from hackers. Each and every person who owns a smartphone like Android or iPhone stores various details like ATM details or banking details or some other crucial information on their smartphone so when the device gets attacked these data might get hacked. And that’s the reason that you should install one of the best antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad or iPhone antivirus apps. There are many iPhone antivirus app and iPad antivirus app that you can find on the AppStore. but all of them are not so much success as a promise to the user. So here we recommend the best antivirus for your iPhone and iPad antivirus apps that you can use to protect Your iPhone device.

You need an antivirus apps installed on your iPhone and iPad. The most important reason is that you need to protect all your data from hackers. when you need best antivirus app for iPhone and antivirus apps for iPad. all you have to do is just go and search for it in the  iTunes app store. You will find various iPhone antivirus apps but these might confuse you in to thinking which one is best and which one’s not. We have already made a list of the best iPhone antivirus app and iPad antivirus app. so we thought of coming up with a complete list of best antivirus apps for iPhone and best antivirus apps for iPad so that you can just download and install them and protect your phone from unwanted threats. Antivirus for iPhone especially needed app that is able to protect your data from hackers. Along with that you also need security Devices from viruses and malware that can infect and destroy your important data.

Best Antivirus App for iPhone and iPad :

1. Lookout Mobile Security – Best Antivirus for iPhone and iPad :

It is one of the best free antivirus software present on the Apple App store. The main features of this app is that when your mobile phone is stolen or you have missed calls, using an antivirus you can  find out the location of your iPhone. Also Lookout Mobile Security app provides special features which can let you keep backup of your data and can find missing phone pretty easily. The antivirus runs in the background all the time and scans for any kind of virus that may enter your device. Its got very elegant user interface and a very easy to use and amazing UI that you can have in an iPhone Antivirus app. Lookout Security also successfully provides email as well as internet protection whenever your device is connected to unprotected Wi-Fi network. It also has an antitheft feature to track you device if stolen. It is free of cost, it is advisable and best to use because of its features.

Lookout – Backup, Security and Missing Device on the AppStore.
Tells you if you have outdated iOS version.
Backs up all your contacts.

2. McAfee Antivirus – iPhone Antivirus Apps and iPad Antivirus Apps :

McAfee has been placed in the list of the most popular antivirus software. McAfee is well known for its powerful protection from infections and other files which can harm personal data stored over your devices, not only computers and laptops but for also smartphones like iPhone and iPad. McAfee is a powerful software to remove viruses. This helps the user to remove the infected files or data from their devices. The antivirus software not only protects you device from viruses but it also updates the user regarding the latest malwares and security bugs for iPad and iPhone. It not only has a decent looking user interface but its also very simple to understand. The app also allows its users to listen to podcast, but in case the user doesn’t want to do so, you need to do nothing and the app will handle all the security. It gets quick update and provides faster scanning features to find out about various threats in your iPhone or iPad.

Backs up all your contacts and restores
Protect your photos and videos directly in to your vault leaving no copies for misuse.
security from Trojans, malware or infected blockage

3. Norton Security – Antivirus for iPhone and Antivirus for iPad :

Norton is one of the biggest name in the antivirus industry and it has been protecting computers and laptops from viruses. You all must have heard about Norton Security when it comes to antivirus software. Norton Antivirus is an antivirus app that is very popular and famous for the iPhone or iPad. Norton Security is available for free and provides all the necessary features along with anti theft feature required to protect your iPhone and iPad from harmful malwares and thieves. Norton Antivirus app is also taking care of your device in all important behavior and also provides the facility to track the device in case it is lost. The antivirus also starts an alarm on your iPhone or iPad when it is stolen. so that it can alert the nearby people regarding the act of theft.

Activate the ‘Scream’ feature to trigger an alarm when the mobile is stolen or lost.
Find your phone using the map with a remote locate feature.
back up your contacts and restore them on your device

4. Virus Barrier – iPhone Antivirus Apps :

It offers a complete protection to any sort of personal data lying on your iOS device and even scans apps and games which you install from app store or any other third party app store. Apart from iPhone and iPad this antivirus software is also available for Mac and PC and is capable of providing all round effective protection from any kind of infections and viruses. This app also professionally protects the Apple devices from malware and other similar threats. It also prevents transfer of any infected file from any other device to your device. The application is not free and you need to pay just $1 to download it on your device. If you want to protect your gadgets, this app should be your choice.

scanning available for iPhone, iPad on demand.
Scan zipped files and files on remote locations like Dropbox
Scans for Trojan horses, spyware, key logger and also repair the infected files.
Integrated file reader to view files immediately after scanning.

5. Antivirus Detective – iPhone and iPad Antivirus Apps :

Amazing and one of the great security apps for iPhone is anti-virus detectives. It will detect and find out the threat in the link. if there is infected with a Trojan in this link will tell you. As we come to know by the name Antivirus Detective scans for any malware or virus that might be present in between your files and provides protection from them by deleting them forever. This is the greatest for you as you surf the web or share the link with your friends online. It is a paid app which we will recommend you to download as it works flawlessly in the background and also does not eat up much battery power. So I would suggest you to use this great antivirus protection for your iPhone.

Identity checker to monitor your identity and on demand malicious process scanner.
back up your contacts and restore.
Backup, Security and Missing Device on the AppStore.