How to Backup message and contacts in Android Device with One easy Click

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How to Backup message and contacts in Android DeviceNowadays we all are using Android Phones and tablets and there we store our precious Data.Therefore it’s very important to Protect Data safely, in some region  if something happens to the device we don’t know how to take the backup our data.

In android platform has given you feature of automatic backups of contacts and apps,with the help of synchronize the content with Gmail account,but what about call logs, SMS, bookmarks,calendar, and more? It’s a big problem to secure Backup of  these things.  I have a answer for that, you should use these app like Super Backup

Now ready to Backup your all data  with the help of a wonderful app (Super Backup) So let’s Now check the features of this app which is called “Super Backup” we also give you the APK link to you if you download this app  to direct in your computer.

Here are some features you can see in Super Backup

How to Backup message and contacts in Android Device

-Backup Contacts, Call logs, SMS, Bookmarks and Calendars to SD cardsuper-backup

-Restore SMS, Contacts, Call logs AND Bookmarks, Calendars from SD card

-SMS conversations to backup

-Delete the backup data on SD card

-Schedule automatic backups

-Auto upload scheduled backup files to your Gmail / Google Drive

-Show last backup count and time to time.

-User can change backup folder path in Settings

-backup Contacts group and picture properties

Method 1:Procedure How to Download Super Backup Application:

1.STEP: Download the Super Backup ApK  in your computer.

2.STEP:Connect your device to the computer so that you can then place this app in your device.

Now when it’s Placed the file in your device, and  download the “File Explorer” in your Android phone and navigate to the place of apk file of Super Backup.

4.Then Tap on the same to install the Super Backup application in your device. Please note that just in case if it prompts you have to select the option of “Unknown Sources” then you have to select the same. Once you have created the backup in your phone, you can go to this app in respective folder in File Manager and then you can back up the target file of the corresponding backup in your computer for future reference.

5.Once application is installed, just tap on “Open” for opening the app.

6.then now  backing up all your data with just a tap.

7.Now you have now successfully installed the Super Backup Application in your Android device.

Method 2: How to install Super Backup in your Android Phone.

Follow these super easy Steps :

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your Android phone
  • Search for “super backup”
  • Locate the entry for Super Backup : SMS & Contacts
  • Tap Install
  • Tap Accept

If the installation is complete, youll find the launcher for Super Backup in your app Place or your home screen. Tap it to launch the application.

How to use Super Backup application ?

First you should take  set up the location of your  backup. and now you should back up your SD Card in your phone set this option,tab on the wrench icon on the main page now  you should Tap the backup path entry , select the External storage card, then tab ok. Now Super Backup set to backup to your External memory this backing processes is much safer than backing up to the internal memory , if something happens on phone, its very helpful to secure your data.

The next step is to begin backing up the various components. Each section allows you to run different tasks. For example:

  • Apps Backup allows Backup your apps
  • SMS Backup allows you -Backup/restore conversations, view the backups, send the backups to email, delete backups, and delete all messages
  • Contacts Backup allows to backup restore, view, send to email, and delete backups/all contacts
  • Call Logs Backup allows Backup, restore, view, send to email, and delete backups/all call logs
  • Calendars Backup allows Backup, restore, send to email, delete backups/all calendars
  • Bookmarks Backup allows -Backup, restore, view backups, send to email, delete backups/all bookmarks.