9 Ways for Fixing Startup Issues in Mac

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Mac is an operating system developed by Apple. Although, Macs are trusted devices however the user can encounter some common startup issues with the passage of time. These issues can be in regard to the hard drive, OS corruption, power supply, logic board, battery or some problem with the user account. Some of the users may be lucky enough if they do not encounter any startup problems while operating with Mac. However, if you are among the ones who are facing some startup problems with Mac there are certain ways to fix up those problems. Here are some of the common startup issues you can face while operating your Mac devices accompanied by the solutions to fix them easily.

Create a standby user account for Troubleshooting Assistance

A standby user account must be created with administrative properties so as to help the users during the troubleshooting problems. The major reason behind creating an additional user account is to have user preferences, files and extensions. This will enable the user to run Mac, if he encounters some issues with the original user account. You can make use of different ways to indentify the problem once your Mac OS starts running.

Mac Stalls on Gray Screen on Startup

Mac systems will start-up in an anticipated way. After switching on the power button, you will notice a gray screen and your operating system will start searching for a startup device. The color of the screen will change to blue loading the file that it requires from the startup drive. You will end up with a desktop screen, if everything goes well. However, if the Mac OS gets jammed on a gray screen then you can once again run your Mac.

Stuck on Blue Screen in Mac

If you are jammed on a blue screen after the emergence of the gray screen, it indicates that your operating system is facing some problems while loading files that it requires from the startup drive. In order to get over this problem, the user is required to repair the file system of his Mac.

Using Safe Boot Option in Mac

The Mac PRAM is loaded with some basic settings for its successful booting. It comprises of memory installed, startup device to use and configurations of graphic card and a lot more. so, you can securely carry the booting process in your Mac OS after adjusting the settings in PRAM.

Repairing Hard Disk

Sometimes, you might encounter some issues with the hard disk of Mac that only requires certain repairs. If you are unable to boot your Mac system then you can head for performing some repairs. Repairing the issues faced will easily resolve the start up issues with Mac OS to a great extent.

Question Mark in Booting Process

If your Mac device is showing a question mark then there might be some problem in identifying the startup device from the available devices. Even if the booting process is accomplished you should not let Mac waste time in solving this problem. You are required to fix this problem manually by enabling it with the path of startup device.

Resetting System Management Controller (SMC) in Mac

The basic hardware of Mac is managed and controlled by SMSC. It also monitors the use of power button, thermal management and sleep mode too. Sometimes, the user is required to reset SMC if he wishes to start up his Mac device properly.

Mac Start up Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac will not support shortcuts during startup. The user is required to compel it for doing so by making use of an alternative method like carrying out the booting process in Safe Mode. The user can even start from various devices for the same. Mac can also tell you the breakdown stage in the startup process. You can use manual inputs to set your Mac in a mode where it supports shortcuts.

Use Automatic login

You can make use of this option, if you are in habit of forgetting your password. This is a simple process. Simply dive into the “System Preferences” and choose “Users and Groups” option. Now choose the “Login” option. Select a user account from drop box for automatic login which is named as “Automatic Login”.

Final Words

So, these were some of the common start up issues that one can encounter with Mac and the ways to resolve such issues. In addition, we have even stated some ways by which you can login to your Mac account with great easy and convenience.