7 Must Do Daily Activities for College Students Who Want to be a Billionaire.

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Who doesn’t want to become rich? Among the young and ambitious Gen-Y of the 21st century, the most common aspiration is earning money. This is because of the increasing materialistic tendency of the modern world, where social status is directly equated with economic status in every sphere.

Now, if you are another 20-something college student and dream of making it big, then you better start chasing your dream right away!! The longer you wait, the lesser is the chance of success. You always need to be ready to grab your first chance at becoming an ‘accidental billionaire’ and moving from your dorm to a Penthouse. Here is what you need to do:

1. Reflect upon your pathThere is your goal and there is the way to achieve it. You should be sure about what you have in mind when it comes to making money. You can aim for a life at par with the social and familial conventions and prepare yourself for a lifetime of brutal hard work at office, keeping your ‘eyes at the prize’. Or you might look up at the Big Guys today who once broke the rules to become who they are. Putting it simply, be sure whether you want to be the Boss or the Owner.

2. Keep exploringMake sure you know how the big ones made it big. Not that it would show you the way, but it can certainly give you hope. Like, how many guys who dropped out of college became half as successful as Steve Jobs? But if you think and are honest to yourself that dropping out of college would help you with your cause, then have look at your nearest Apple showroom and go for it.

3. Eyes on the PrizeYou must be determined in setting your goals. If it is ‘being rich’ that you desire the most, you need to be focussed on your ambition 24/7. The time spent in building your career should be dedicated to figure out how to achieve your goal. If you get distracted with miscellaneous conditions around you and waste thinking potential on them, consider your game to be over.

4. Choose your peer wiselyMan is a social animal. Be it your day-to-day life or in your hour of crisis, you need friends and their help to make it through. But remember, as it is a fact that friendship is an integral part in our life, it is also the most influential part of it. So, pick your friends circle wisely. As you meet new people every day, do not forget what your goal is and keep that in mind in order to establish the right contacts and the appropriate peer circle which would aid you in achieving it.

5. Being down to EarthThis is advisable especially if you are not a millionaire already. Do not worry if you have a big shot daddy who made it big and you plan to make it bigger. Then your father is the best person to offer you tips. But you begin from scratch, you have to keep all the windows open. You cannot plan for yourself years ahead of passing out from college based on some preconceived ideas. For instance, you might look up to her and idolise her, but you certainly cannot be sure about becoming Oprah Winfrey after your studies are over!! Thus, be aware of the material reality around you, explore all options, and most importantly keep it low.

6. Talk and think businessRemember that every word you spend is valuable, but every goodwill you establish is an asset. Think twice before reacting harsh to a person being rude to you. This doesn’t mean that you need to behave like a spineless snail!! But you must consider every social relation in terms of asset and liability. The earth is round. Today’s compromise shall give you chance tomorrow for a payback.

7. Try being one, not to act like oneLastly and most importantly, college students often tend to get tempted in this hard and long pursuit of success and try to live their dreams before achieving them. There is no right time to celebrate success before being successful. Do not try to forget your daily plight by leading a life that only appears otherwise. Instead try and make that vision of a better life real. Till then, find hard earned pleasure amidst your daily hectic struggle and keep your focus steady.
Go chase your Dreams!!